From the Nixon White House to Trump Tower

The Watergate CLE
Watergate changed the world we live in, and in doing so it also changed the world of legal ethics. From the break-in to the “cancer on the presidency,” the Watergate conspiracy and obstruction of justice raised classic, timeless, and tough legal and ethical issues for attorneys. This program, featuring John Dean, examines cover-up crimes and activities, analyzing them under the post-Watergate ethical rules and standards. With a generous use of historic video and white house tapes, hear John Dean’s experience as the ultimate in-house counsel to the most powerful CEO in the world. Both the Watergate scandal and John Dean’s actions ushered in the much needed legal ethics reforms in the United States. During this special presentation, John Dean will be joined by nationally renowned trial expert, James D. Robenhalt as they tie this historic chain of events to the ethical issues you likely face every day in your practice.

Thursday, October 19, 2017 -
09:00 to 12:15
240 S. Main Street
Butler, PA 16001
POINT (-79.8949644 40.859704)