Butler County Grant Recipient Information


Butler County Community College Adult Literacy Program

The Adult Literacy Program at Butler County Community College applied for this grant to provide GED instruction to inmates in the Butler County Prison. Adult Literacy provides adult basic education and GED instruction to citizens of Butler and Mercer counties through funding from the State and Federal government.

At this time we are not funded to provide instruction to the prison. Having expertise in the field of adult education we believe we could provide appropriate and effective classroom education to help inmates achieve their GED and therefore have a greater opportunity to decrease recidivism. According to OCTAE, Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education, reflecting on the Reentry Education Model Implementation Study: Promoting Reentry Success through Continuity of Educational Opportunities,

“The report finds that strong partnerships among education providers and correctional facilities; a focus on transitions into and out of the correctional facility; and educational programs leading to career pathways are among the most important factors in enabling those previously incarcerated to continue their education and prepare for living-wage jobs.”

The Butler County prison has not had classroom instruction for inmates for two years, although inmates do have access to instruction through an online program by Aztec software. Our experience reflects that online instruction alone has little success with students that already have had difficulty navigating the educational system. This grant would help us to provide the much needed education in a classroom that can lead to inmates obtaining their GED and thereby opportunity to obtain gainful employment.

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Lifesteps Families Forever Program

The Families Forever program is a seminar designed to minimize the negative efforts of divorce and parental separation on children. Since 1999, Lifesteps has provided Families Forever to over 5,052 parents, grandparents, and other adults in Butler County with tremendous success and positive outcomes for families..

We provide scholarships/fee waivers to ensure low-income families have access to this valuable program, and ensure that each participating parent receives a handbook to keep as a long-term reference in creating positive outcomes for their child(ren).

We believe that by working together, we have a continued opportunity to strengthen families in Butler County by providing them with the resources they need to face life's changing needs. 

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The Lighthouse Foundation

The mission of The Lighthouse Foundation is encouraging others to find hope in Christ by meeting their immediate needs and empowering them towards self-sufficiency. The mission of The Lighthouse Foundation is encouraging others to find hope in Christ by meeting their immediate needs and empowering them towards self-sufficiency.

The Lighthouse Foundation restores hope in the lives of disadvantaged people by meeting their basic needs of food and housing and sharing the love of Christ, while helping people transition from dependency to self-sufficiency. The Lighthouse is the sole provider for transitional housing in Butler County. With 5 locations, we are able to provide housing for up to 18 individuals and families at one time. Transitional housing is unique because it’s not just providing homeless families with a safe place to call home, it also requires partnering with each resident to help them overcome the obstacles that are holding them back from moving forward into self-sufficiency.

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Middlesex Police K9 Unit "Mibo”

The Middlesex Township Police Department K9 Unit is newly formed in 2016. Our Township Police Department averages about 8 hours a month of public relations above the everyday contacts that are part of regular Law Enforcement duties.

Butler County has been without a Region 13 Explosive Detection Canine for over 7 years. The safety of those who live, work and visit our County is, to our Police Department, of utmost importance. With the safety of both our Township and County in mind, the Middlesex Township Police Department decided to undertake this specialized K9-project for the benefit of Butler County’s residents, schools and businesses.

As noted, the Middlesex Township Police Department K9 Unit was formed in 2016, consisting of Officer Mark Heider and K9 Mibo. Our K9 Team specializes in Patrol, as well as Gun and Explosive Detection. K9 Mibo’s Patrol capabilities include warrant service, building searches, tracking of lost persons or wanted subjects, including the apprehension (bite) as necessary to effect an arrest.

In the short period of time our K9 Team has been in operation, they have already responded to four bomb threats in our County. Officer Heider and K9 Mibo have also conducted six school visits. 


Ellen O'Brien Gaiser Addiction Center

A significant increase in the need for drug and alcohol treatment, particularly, the need for women’s beds has sparked Gaiser to respond to the need. As part of the Gaiser Center’s 2015/2016 strategic plan, we have committed to increase the number of women treatment beds. Under our current structure, Gaiser Center is licensed for 29 treatment beds of which women are limited to only 8 beds. Currently the women’s bedrooms are on the first floor and the men are on the second and third floors. We plan to double our women’s beds to 16.

Our long standing treatment niche has been long-term non-hospital rehabilitation and we know and see that treatment works.  Due to our building expansion and the availability to treat more women, our treatment model will be gender specific and be geared to the special needs of women, as well as better addressing the needs of men. Women with substance use disorders are more likely to remain in treatment settings that feel familiar and safe.

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